About Us

Our great-grandfather always said that family was the core of his existence. We believe that holds true for us as well. Sitting on the back porch of our great uncle’s house, sharing a few beers and talking about the family, we realized how lucky we are to have these relationships in our lives, but why stop there? With the support of uncles who have a little more gray than we do, we decided to start looking for business opportunities.

That was right before Covid-19, which has allowed us the opportunity to look beyond our family and see the need for all of our customers to protect what is important to them. Whether it be your family, your employees, or the customers you serve, we know that everyone is looking out for the safety of their core now more than ever before.

We are proud to bring safe, high-quality products to the community at affordable rates. We only offer products that we truly believe in and would use in our own homes.

Whether you define the core of your existence to be family, friends, colleagues, clients, or all of the above, we want to support you in protecting their health. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns along the way.